Evaluation and Learning

Our robust, evidence and learning-based approach ensures you know where, how and why you are getting the best outputs and impacts; helping you improve your performance, outcomes and value for money.

Evaluating impacts and benefits

Understanding and demonstrating the impact and value of an initiative is essential.  It enables you to build business cases and make better funding decisions. We do this through:

Performance monitoring and measurement

Measurement frameworks for programmes and projects allow you to understand and demonstrate performance and evidence the decisions for improvement.  We help you turn data and information into insight to enable you to make better decisions and achieve better outcomes through:

Due diligence and bid writing support

Due diligence lies at the core of all evaluation and business analysis.  We support the public and private sector to assess applications for financial aid across market, technical, economic, financial and commercial areas, including:

Examples of our recent projects include:

Scottish Enterprise – Summative Evaluation of the Unlocking Ambition Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Macmillan Cancer Support – Evaluation of Lincolnshire Macmillan Living with Cancer Programme 

Enterprise Ireland – Technology Centre Performance Measurement Framework

Highlands & Islands Enterprise – Evaluation of the HIE Innovation Service

Invest NI – Sales Deliverability Appraisals

ASSC & PASC UK – Economic Impact of the Self-Catering Sector to the UK Economy