Policy &

Good policy decision making underpins the best way to spend your resource - so that you are focusing on the right services which will deliver the best outcomes.

  • Research and evidence - enabling better informed decision making for better outcomes

To make best use of your resources and deliver what is wanted, policy needs to be well considered and focused.  High quality research evidence will help you properly identify problems, design effective policy and solutions, and make the right decisions to get the best outcomes. We support you through:

• Research design and planning
• Information and literature reviews
• Qualitative research and analysis
• Quantitative research and data review
• Data mining, combining and analysis
• Learning reviews

Our research processes help you move from data and information towards intelligence and knowledge.  This gives you deeper insight on the complex issues you face, helping you make better decisions and achieve better outcomes.

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  • Strategy development - creative and pragmatic thinking for effective implementation, change and delivery

Strategies that deliver best performance need a full understanding of the issues and drivers, thinking about choices, and the best decisions for effective implementation. We help you do this in challenging and complex environments through:

• Business environment analysis and research
• Stakeholder engagement
• Scenario planning
• Strategic options appraisal
• Strategy design and development
• Strategy alignment
• Performance measurement
• Implementation planning
• Change management

We work with you, rather than ‘do to you’. We bring challenge and creativity as well as robust tools and techniques to your team, and add real value to your strategic design and implementation processes.

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  • Options appraisal - robust processes that help you make the best choices in difficult circumstances

Where resources are limited, making the best decisions to maximise outcomes and benefits is vital. Effective decision making processes should include a robust options appraisal to ensure that you make the best choices and progress the strongest solutions. We work with you in:

• Qualitative options appraisal
• Financial options appraisal
• Environmental impact options appraisal
• Economic cost-benefit options appraisal
• Gross Value Added (GVA) and job impact options appraisal
• Risk assessment and analysis

Good options appraisal leads to a robust business case, ensuring better performance and a higher return on investment.

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  • Business cases - making a compelling case that will compete for, and win, scarce resources

Decision makers need to be confident that they are investing in service changes that bring optimal value. A well constructed and robust business case is fundamental to good decision making. We use the HM Treasury's best practice 'Five Case Model' to help you analyse the potential investment
from every angle:

• The strategic case
• The economic case
• The commercial case
• The financial case
• The project management case

We bring expertise in each of these areas and a robust approach to writing business cases. We help you make better, evidence-based decisions about where, and how, to invest your resources.

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  • Programme and project management - ensuring effective delivery and realisation of the planned benefits

Effective programme and project management is critical in supporting major organisational change and improvement. We use best practice guidelines and methodologies such as Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) and PRINCE2 as well as our own tried and tested methods to ensure that
projects are delivered to time, cost and quality. We support clients in:

• Programme management - facilitating steering group discussion
• Internal and external stakeholder consultation
• Project managing complex change initiatives - critical path analysis
• Production and management of plans, documents and procedures
• Time and resource management
• Risk management
• Business case development

Our team has experience of working jointly with client staff to help support and develop your in-house capability as well as deliver projects and programmes on time and to budget.

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