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Your organisation's performance and outcomes improve because your people can make that happen. Enhancing their capacities and capabilities will see them better able to meet the challenges you face.

  • Leadership development - people with a purpose who are better equipped to take teams and organisations through exceptional times

Competent and confident leaders actively align themselves and their teams with organisational objectives to improve organisational performance and deliver change.

We support leadership with a purpose through:

• Diagnostics of organisational leadership needs
• Leadership development strategy
• Leadership competency frameworks
• Leadership skills and behaviour analysis
• Individual skill, knowledge and behaviour development
• Bespoke leadership development programmes
• Coaching and mentoring action learning sets
• Multi-organisation leadership programmes
• National leadership programmes

Leadership potential can be found at all levels. We can help you unlock that potential so that your leaders can make a real difference throughout the organisation..

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  • Board governance - governance that adds value to the business as well as effective monitoring of its operation, direction and accountability

Corporate governance is the system by which organisations are directed and controlled. Frontline works with boards to improve their corporate governance. We focus on the behaviours and relationships around the board table. We have developed models and approaches to underpin our 20 years experience
in improving board effectiveness.

We help boards to do things better by:

• Assessing board performance using our bespoke Board Skills and Effectiveness Review 360° appraisal tool
• Facilitating board engagement to tackle performance and relational issues
• Coaching and mentoring board and executive team members
• Analysing and presenting effective information to underpin board decision making
• Reviewing the corporate management process to enable effective board working
• Supporting strategy creation, implementation and performance
• Providing development programmes to meet benchmarked standards of performance
• Developing partnership working at board level across organisations

The requirement of each board varies. We work with new boards, established ones, boards in transition, and boards with challenges resulting from changes in membership or context. We build trust among board members to enable uncomfortable issues to be addressed in a constructive, forward looking manner.

Please click here to read John Deffenbaugh's article on Board Governance.

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  • Organisational development - all those activities that ensure your organisation is healthy enough to meet its challenges and thrive

It is about identifying, designing, implementing and embedding good ideas, ways of working and ways of thinking. It is also about demonstrating and sustaining the difference made and the benefits gained, sharing learning and building on success. It is a complex concept; with no two organisations starting from the same place or having the same needs.

We can help you to develop your organisation, working with you to design and deliver bespoke solutions including:

• Assessment and diagnostics
• Reviewing an designing processes and strategies for organisational development
• Prioritising development options for best return on investment aligning targets and incentives
• Managing the human dimensions of change
• Reviewing accountability and governance structures supporting the development of OD skills, knowledge and behaviours
• Developing and embedding values and behaviours understanding and working with organisational culture

We can help you and your staff to reach peak performance, deliver sustainable change, add long-term value and create a great place to work.

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  • Working in partnerships - new ways of working with partners for improvement, innovation and cost reduction

Joined-up working is driving almost every area of public service and pressures for better performance at lower costs will see partnership processes deepen and widen. Success depends on working with the right organisations, for the right reasons and in the right way. Mutuality of purpose and benefits is the basis of
true partnership.

We work with you to:

• Identify the right partners
• Assess partnership processes
• Develop partnership strategies to unlock the added value
• Advise on structuring the partnership
• Bring the workforce together
• Develop new processes
• Re-design and improve services
• Develop performance monitoring, measurement and evaluation frameworks
• Develop multi-organisational leadership

Effective partnership can drive up process and outcome performance and create capacity for innovation in services. Success in creating the appropriate context is critical to getting these benefits.

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