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Driving the effectiveness and efficiency of your services to get better performance and outcomes.

  • Business process improvement - a customer-centred approach using lean management techniques

To manage your business you need to have the capacity to be able to make choices. Making choices without resources is an extremely limiting process. Our 5 lenses approach to business improvement can up the capacity that enables proactive management for change, cost saving and productivity improvement.
It is a people transformation not just a process change and we use the 5 Lenses to drive a balanced approach to improving your business, this involves:

The customer - defining the voice of the customer.
Process efficiency - understand the end-to-end flow of servicing customers
Performance management - how to share and react to performance on a daily basis
Organisation and skills - the skills and knowledge to deliver on accountabilities with the right organisational structure to meet the needs of the customer
Mindsets and behaviours - people individually and collectively working together

Change happens effectively when we focus through all the lenses and we work with client staff in joint teams, helping your organisation to build skills and creating in-depth engagement and sustainability.

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  • Financial review and recovery - financial analysis that supports improvement and turn-around

To make the best improvement and change decisions, you need to fully understand the cost structure of your organisation and the expected change in costs from implementing new policies or processes, or in responding to external factors driving change. We help you through:

• Cost structure analysis
• Cost improvement strategies
• Income generation strategies
• Cost-benefit analysis of new initiatives
• Assessing impact on cash flow, income and expenditure accounts and balance sheets
• Financial turn-around and recovery
• Establishing longer term value for money through economic analysis
• Implementation planning
• Change management

We support you in all aspects of financial review, helping you to understand your income and costs and giving you a sound basis on which to make
change and improve performance.

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  • Service re-design - re-design and innovation in service pathways to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve outcomes

In re-designing services to meet the budget challenges facing public services, it is essential that organisations look beyond their boundaries at the whole service pathway provided to the user. Only by taking this integrated approach to re-designing public services can the challenge of improving quality whilst reducing costs be met. We help you through:

• Engaging and involving the patient/user in re-design
• Mapping the current processes and identifying duplications
• Researching best practice and benchmarking your service
• Engaging the staff in re-designing a leaner service
• Setting up project management structures
• Establishing target quality outcomes for the re-designed service to be performance managed against
• Assessing the financial impacts of the options

We support you through the whole process, transferring our skills and knowledge to your staff to produce sustainable improvements.

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  • Decision support tools - practical tools that analyse and present data to better inform managers

Many organisations put great effort into collecting data, but relatively little into using it to better monitor and make decisions. This data decision gap can
be bridged with effective decision support tools which provide robust and user-friendly management information that can be acted on quickly and effectively.

We have worked with clients to develop such tools in applications including

• Capacity and demand
• Funding allocation and choices
• Economic impact appraisal and assessment
• Public engagement
• Social return on investment

The use of well-designed decision support tools enables managers to get better performance and value from their resources and processes and deliver better outcomes for their users.

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  • Collaboration & merger - bringing organisations together in processes of shared strategy, delivery efficiency and outcome improvement

Organisations are being challenged to get more from less and collaboration is an increasingly important route to that goal. However, effective collaboration can be difficult, requiring new ways of looking at issues and developing a shared understanding across organisations.

We have helped clients with these challenges in:

• Collaboration feasibility studies
• Cross-organisation facilitation and objective setting
• Stakeholder and staff engagement
• Collaboration strategy development
• Shared services
• Option appraisal and business case
• New process improvement support
• Developing the leadership behaviours needed for success
• Governance and organisational structures
• Managing culture and organisational change
• Project and programme management
• Measuring benefits realisation

Collaboration can be difficult, but success delivers real benefits for everyone.

Project Summaries:

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