Evaluation &

Knowing where, how and why you are getting the best impacts, and learning how to improve your performance, outcomes and value for money.

  • Evaluating impacts and benefits - summative evidence of the full range of quantifiable and wider benefits

Understanding and demonstrating the impact and value of an initiative is essential. It enables you to make improvements, build business cases and make funding decisions based on where you are getting the best return on investment.

We help you do this through:

• Evaluation process design
• Programme logic modelling
• Survey design and delivery
• Stakeholder consultation
• Strategic added value assessment
• Soft outcomes analysis
• Data review and analysis
• Social return on investment (SROI) analysis
• GVA and employment impact modelling
• Cost benefit and value for money analysis

Robust evaluation enables you to assess the success of your initiatives, demonstrate your value and identify areas for improvement.

Project Summaries:
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  • Process and formative evaluation - understanding how systems are working and learning how they can be improved for better outcomes

While traditional evaluation tells you what you got from a programme, a formative or process evaluation will tell you why and how you got that outcome. This additional understanding enables you to continuously improve the programme, better design future programmes and better enable replication of successful programmes by other providers. All of these add real benefits and value for money. We support this by:

• Using a logic model to ensure organisational set-up is supporting, not hindering delivery
• Ensuring evaluation for the next steps
• Doing the right things, doing more of the right things, stop doing the wrong things
• For mature evaluations - looking at how it is done, not just what, and how it can be done better
• Process improvement - this links to our improvement core service area

Understanding how programmes actually work and why they are successful, or not, is an essential route to improvement in process and outcomes.

Project Summaries:
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Macmillan Cancer Support - Evaluation of the Practice Nurse Development Course 

  • Social return on investment - identifying the total benefit accruing from an investment across the community, both quantifiable and non-quantifiable

Services that are 'hard to measure' face difficult challenges in a competitive funding environment, particularly where they are working with complex issues and difficult client groups. New thinking is required for these services to compete more effectively for funding and the Social Return on Investment (SROI) approach offers real value in enabling this. We have worked with clients in:

• Establishing the scope and identifying the full range of stakeholders
• Mapping inputs processes and outputs
• Evidencing and valuing outcomes - creating financial proxies
• Establishing and measuring impacts
• Calculation SROI
• Reporting and improving measurement and outcomes
• Supporting funding applications and business cases
• Client staff SROI training

SROI allows comparison with other programmes on a 'common currency' basis allowing consideration of opportunity costs, better informing choices
and helping decision-making.

Project Summaries:
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Breast Cancer Care & HM Treasury - Economic Evaluation of Moving Forward Programme

  • Performance monitoring and measurement - tracking performance to enable better management and to quickly identify areas for improvement

Measurement frameworks for programmes and projects are essential. They guide you on what and how to measure, ensuring that you gather the evidence
which enables you to understand and demonstrate performance, and evidence the decisions which help you improve. We help you do this through:

• Design of performance measurement frameworks
• Logic model development
• Objective and target development
• Balanced scorecard development
• Survey design and delivery
• Stakeholder consultation
• Process assessment
• Evaluation planning and delivery
• Bespoke monitoring tools
• Statistical process control techniques

Drawing on our experience of developing performance, quality and outcome frameworks at national, regional and local levels, we help you turn data and information into insight that enables you to make better decisions and achieve better outcomes.

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  • Policy review - ensuring that policies balance needs and resources for the best outcomes in an efficient and effective way

Policies do not remain current and relevant for long in an ever-changing world. If left, there is a chance that policies will no longer meet the objectives currently required for them. A review can be used to confirm whether a policy is still meeting your needs or requires updating. We can support you with:

• Socio-economic assessments
• Regulatory reviews
• Cost-benefit analyses
• Social impact analysis
• Policy review

The difficult public sector financial climate will see increasingly intense scrutiny of policy and programmes for effectiveness, value and scope for improvement. Our team has worked with government departments to help them achieve those goals.

Project Summaries:
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Enterprise Ireland - Technology Centres Programme Interim Evaluation