Economic Impact Research Group

Thank you for completing the survey.

Your input is invaluable to the Economic Impact Research Group. The information you have provided will contribute to a robust report to be published in late 2018, when you will be sent a link to it.  In 2014 a survey was carried out in Scotland* and parks were able to use the information when applying for planning permission. The UK report could very likely prove to be as useful to you! It will be sent to key contacts in the governments, local authorities, tourism, national parks and development agencies.

It is also important that we get as many of your visitors as possible to complete a separate survey, designed for visitors from the UK and overseas. The EIRG will be in touch with you to ask for your help in publicising it

The survey has been organised by and funded by:

Camping and Caravanning Club
Caravan and Motorhome Club
National Caravan Council